At Tjhabelang we believe that play matters tremendously for children’s physical, cognitive, creative, spiritual and social development. Children learn best when they are actively exploring their world and finding out more about it. This approach to education provides opportunities for all learners to think creatively, solve problems, work together, take on new and challenging tasks and to persist with them, to be able to understand language and how to communicate and to follow instructions and pay attention. The clean, safe and stimulating environment we provide makes a significant difference to the learners’ development and future potential. Dedicated educators and support staff are trained to provide quality child care services and programmes, aimed at developing a happy, independent, confident child, who loves to learn.

We offer a varied educational programme for learners from Grade RRR to Grade R, which is based on existing national curriculum guidelines, including the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS), the Guidelines for Programme Development for Early Childhood Development (GPD), as well as other guidelines endorsed by leading independent schools.

Our curriculum model seeks to establish consistency in terms of expectations. The curriculum which is covered from Grade RRR to Grade R enables us to track the learners progress and we support them accordingly from the very start of their schooling career and throughout the foundational stage of their development.

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