Lerata Marimba Band

Lerata was established in 2016 when a couple of talented youths involved in the Indigenous Dance and Music Programme showed outstanding commitment and interest in playing the Marimba. They received intensive training and the opportunity to perform in collaboration with a professional musician at The Free State Arts Festival, Macufe, the 2016 Presidential Gala Dinner and various other festivals and community events. In February 2017 Lerata embarked on a Central South African tour with the popular Oros in ‘n Lang Glas, in partnership with OFM. The relationship formed between Lerata and Oros in ‘n lang glas during the tour led to the recording of the hit single, Dis ‘n Wilde Wêreld.

The members of the band are exposed to life-changing experiences and growth opportunities as they rehearse, tour and perform under the mentorship of the coordinators of the programme.

Lerata aims to generate funds to be self-sufficient and envisions the establishment of a Marimba School for many talented impoverished youths, where participating in music becomes the catalyst for growth, change, success and significance.

“Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.” Costa Deir