Parent  and  Community  Involvement

Included in the Mission Statement of Tjhabelang Primary School is the desire and goal to involve and empower parents and caregivers to fulfil their guardianship roles actively and positively. We aim to encourage and secure continued, mutually supportive relationships with parents, caregivers and other members of the community. This is mainly achieved through hosting special events, involving parents in school activities and by organising outreaches.

Some of these include:

  • Quaterly parent days where parents and caregivers get the opportunity to learn more about their child’s progress and achievements and to discuss concerns and problems with the educator. On these days special guests are invited to address the parents on topics relevant to the development of the whole child.

  • The first term Athletic Day focuses on participation and getting to know the school community.

  • Family days, where the learners and their parents get the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day together.

  • The Annual Diploma Ceremony and Concert allow parents and friends to experience and enjoy their childrens’ creative abilities through rhyme, music and dance activities.

  • Outreaches at local schools, care centres and businesses.
  • The spread the love campaign provides the learners of Tjhabelang Primary School the opportunity to give back to the community.

A Parent Involvement Committee, elected by the parents, serves as an advisory body to the management board and contributes to maintaining a genuine partnership between the parents and the school.